Remote Transcription

Transcription of audio files is one type of freelance work that can be accomplished remotely by someone with appropriate skills and equipment. We can help you find a remote typist / transcriber. We provide a way for employers to find and evaluate such remote transcriptionists, and outsource typing and transcription work to them.

Transcriptionist typing remotely
Outsource audio transcription to a remote transcriber

Transcription Work Examples

Below are some examples of remote transcription work.

Dictation Transcription Service

You are looking for a dictation transcription service where you can dictate up a number of letters and then these are converted into your letter template, sent to to you to check and sign and send to clients. You need this done reasonably quickly on a 24-48 hour turnaround, overnight, or even sooner.

Other Transcription Work Examples

Transcribing sound track from YouTube videos
Transcribing sound track from videos

Transcription Workflow

A typical transcription project workflow looks like this:

Bilingual Audio Transcription

Some audio transcription projects are bi-lingual, meaning that audio must be transcribed in 2 languages such as English and French, English and Maori, or any other language combination. An example would be a court hearing with a translator.

When you need a bilingual or even a multi-lingual transcript, hire a transcriber who is capable to transcribe in the required languages. Another option is using several transcriptionists.

Bilingual transcriber typing remotely
Bilingual transcriber working remotely

One advantage of using Do It Contractors job portal in search for transcriber talent is potentially bigger choice of transcribers with specific skills you require.

Audio Files to Transcribe

Audio for your transcription may come in a variety of formats. Here are some examples:

When working with a transcriptionist remotely, make sure that the format of audio and the delivery method are acceptable. For example, it may be impractical to ship physical media overseas (takes too long, costs too much, or no playback equipment) to a remote transcriber far away.

Transcription Templates

You may want an audio transcription in a specific format. For example, for an interview (2 people talking), you may want a brief header with information about talkers and a way to identify who is saying what.

You may need the transcription printout to have room for extra handwriting notes such as large margins and enough space between speaker fragments of text.

Sometimes, a time reference is required to identify where the fragment is located in audio source. Or, you need line numbers, or something else.

Transcription Template Example

Transcript of: a description of what the transcript is about.

Participants: Person A (PA), Person B (PB).

Also in attendance: Witness 1 (W1), Witness 2 (W2).

Date: if known.

00:00 	PA 	Microphone check -- does it sound right? -- Good? -- Not really?


12:43 	PA 	Korean war? Did you kill anyone?
12:50 	PB 	We were shooting at a distance. I don't know, it's hard to tell.


13:02 	PA 	How did it end?
13:10 	PB 	The Chinese came, and it ended. That is all I can say about this war.