Remote Research

A researcher working remotely can help you find information or investigate a specific issue. Research can be related to pretty much anything.

Finding Information

For example, you are considering creating a merchant account to start processing credit cards. You want to know what merchant account options are available to you, what are their benefits and drawbacks, associated costs, how to apply, etc. Here is where a remote researcher could help. They will study available options, ask merchant account providers for additional information, and summarize their findings in a report.

If you are not selling a lot, a merchant account is probably not a good choice because of monthly and setup fees. In such case a remote researcher may suggest a few alternatives such as 3rd-party payment providers, who process credit cards on behalf of their clients. This saves you time allowing to concentrate on business. Finding such generally available information is an example of what an experienced knowledge worker or even a skillful virtual assistant could deliver.

Ousourcing research to remote contractors to get better results
Delegating research to remote contractors helps your business

Investigate a Specific Problem

Sometimes you face a very specific and narrowed-down problem that requires expertise even to look at. Examples:

Examples of Remote Research Projects

Below are some examples of successfully completed remote research projects.