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Remote coders can help you troubleshoot, isolate, and fix a specific programming issue, code a function or a class for you, or provide ongoing programming services on either permanent or when needed basis. Some coding assignments may be available for overnight completion.

What Is Coding

Coding is a highly sophisticated human activity of writing computer code using a computer language such as C, C++, Java, PHP, and others. End result of coding is usually a computer program that does something. For example, it may be a text editor, a website content management system, a plugin for another program, etc.

Coder writing a computer program
Coder writing a computer program

Coding often involves using frameworks and other tools to aid in software development. These are things that help coders to complete programming tasks faster but require experience for successful use. They also introduce additional complexity.

How Remote Coding Works

Remote coding means your coder (a person who writes computer code) is remote, physically located elsewhere, not in the same location as you.

Remote coding
Remote coding

Work starts with you creating a specification document of what needs to be done. This spec is then delivered to coder, who implements it. When work is done, you get the result in the format described in your spec. For example, it may be computer code, a compiled program, a how-to document, etc.

Overnight Coding

When your coder is in a remote time zone across the world it is often possible to achieve quick turn-around times for small projects. You assign a coding problem by the end of your day and get completed result in the morning.

Overnight coder working remotely
Overnight coder working remotely

Overnight coding can only work successfully for small and very well defined tasks, so that everything in it is clear to coder, because it is impossible to get clarifications when either party is unavailable.

Quality Assurance for Coding

Quality assurance is (or at least it should be) a part of any coding project. While a programmer may be very good at writing quality code, it is ultimately your job to verify that the project was completed according to specification. This is why creating correct, detailed spec is important as the first step in the project.

Quality assurance team
Quality assurance - an important part in coding projects

Completed Coding Projects

Below are some examples of successfully completed coding projects.