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Do It Contractors

We are an outsourcing portal with focus on quality. Post your projects here if you need external help, either one-time or ongoing. Projects that can be done remotely such as coding, software testing, technical support, transcription, or virtual assisting have a good chance to succeed from both ends: a work provider and a remote contractor. You are also welcome to post work that requires on-site presence, although a choice of available workers will be limited, depending on location.

Outsourcing work to local or remote contractors
Outsourcing work to local or remote contractors

Remote Coding

Remote coders can help with programming tasks, often providing a better value compared with on-site programmers. They may be your only solution when an in-house programmer with required skills and experience is not available. See coding projects.

Remote coder writing a Hello World! program
Remote coder writing a Hello World! program

When hiring a remote coder it is critical to document your programming assignment precisely to avoid misunderstandings. Make sure to allocate enough time to write a clear specification for coders, be available to answer their questions when they arise, and carefully test the end result to assure quality.

Remote Tech Support

Technical support can often be done remotely. See technical support projects.

Remote Research

Small research assignments can be outsourced to a telecommuting freelancer. This could be your best option when in-house workers do not have either time or skills to do it. Contact us if you need help finding someone to do your research projects.

Ousourcing research to remote contractors to get better results
Delegating research to remote contractors helps your business

Handyman Services

These are not remote jobs, except for may be getting know-hows, documentation, or ordering tools / materials. But sometimes a handyman may be available locally. Check out handyman services in Hope, BC where we are located.

Handyman services in Hope, BC
Handyman services in Hope, BC

Remote Transcription

If you are looking for a remote dictation service to type letters you dictate, or need help transcribing video / audio files, a remote transcriber can help, sometimes providing an overnight turnout at reasonable cost. Contact us if you need to find a right person.